Integral Ad Science has just published the results of a new study The Power of Context that analyzes the impact of context on the perception that consumers have of ads in the digital environment, depending on the tone of the content with which they appear. In addition, it recommends that advertisers insert their ads together with content with a positive tone, since it benefits the perception that consumers have not only of the ads but also of the brand image of the advertisers.The study begins by pointing out that the content users consume can generate positive, negative or neutral feelings. And that said content also influences the perception that consumers have of the ads according to where they appear, as well as the brand associated with them. In a generalized way, it is pointed out that in the majority of consumers (72%) the feeling that the content they are reading provokes in them influences the perception of the brand that is advertised alongside them. And that in the case of those that are positive they generate a greater favorable perception.In addition, it has been observed that 80% of consumers are more receptive to ads that are inserted on pages with content whose tone is positive or neutral. As well as that 93% are favorable to those brands whose advertising appears next to this type of content, and that the recall rate increases by 24%.

On the contrary, those ads that are inserted next to content with a negative tone, cause a detrimental Scotland Email List impact on all indicators and there is a decrease in the preference for the brand (-39%) and a lower receptivity to that advertising (-30 %).At the same time, it is observed that there are differences between some sectors and others. In retail, for example, the perception of advertising is highly influenced by the tone of the content next to which the impressions appear. Thus, if this is positive, the preference of consumers towards these brands is multiplied by five (+ 441%). In addition, consumers are four times more receptive (+ 364%), to an ad from a retail company when it is placed next to content with a positive or neutral tone instead of negative.

Along with this, 60% of consumers remember these ads better compared to those that appear next to content with a negative tone (+ 41%).Regarding the incidence of the coronavirus, it is pointed out that the content on the pandemic is growing remarkably according to the circumstances of each country. However, the study highlights that ads that are inserted alongside content related to COVID-19 can be beneficial for brands. In France, for example, according to recent work on the impact on brands of the content about the corona virus next to which the ads are inserted, 35% of consumers were more favorable to these ads when the information about the pandemic was positive.

On the other hand, it is observed that there is a better perception by consumers when information about the pandemic is published in premium information sources. Thus, 41% of them are more receptive to ads placed within content related to the coronavirus when it is published on a premium and prestigious support.Context itself is also noted as an important parameter for consumers. In this way, 74% of them prefer to see ads that are relevant in relation to the content they are reading. Additionally, 56% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of brands that show their ads alongside relevant content.

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