The one he had planned to buy, a coat with a better fabric. A, computer with a better processor, etc. The emblematic apple brand is one of the brands that uses the up-selling strategy very successfully. For example, when a user visits the file for an Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List certain macbook pro. The, company shows him a section with other versions of the same laptop. But, with superior features that make the final price of the product more expensive. With the implementation of this strategy. Apple, does not intend that its customers buy two laptops. But, rather that they buy a more advanced (and expensive) model than the one the potential customer had in mind.

Cross-Selling Examples

Imagine that a customer wants to buy a smartphone on your ecommerce. You could offer him a screen protector, a case, headphones, etc.! This is cross-selling and can be applied in any sector, not just technology. If you sell wedding dresses in your ecommerce, why not offer your  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List your income. In the travel sector it is also very common to see it, for example: when you buy a plane ticket on a website and they offer you a hotel, a rental car… A star company that perfectly implements cross selling is zalando. In the files of some of its products, it shows a section with the title ‘the perfect combination’ and other similar ones, where users who want to buy coats are offered scarves, hats, and other garments of the same color, fabric or style to combine.

The Times We Live in Make

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It necessary for companies, regardless of the sector they belong to, to adapt to the digital world, through a digital transformation that helps them survive technological advances. A sector especially affected by technological progress is the retail sector, given that, in these times plagued by the coronavirus, a large part of its public is Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List committed to online shopping. This sector is very broad, encompassing a wide variety of businesses, from supermarkets to clothing stores, hardware stores… In short, all those businesses with retail sales. Therefore, when designing and implementing retail marketing strategies, a key point is to know the target audience and adapt the strategy to that audience.

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