2020 has been a year in which forecasts and trends have been “stolen.” Everything that analysts expected to happen and everything that brands had in their chamber of movements have quickly become obsolete, because the coronavirus crisis has dynamited the market. Nothing that was expected happened and companies had to react in record time to market trends that were being created as they responded to them.Does this mean that we can recycle what we expected to happen in 2020 to 2021? Hardly. Things have changed in a much more profound way than was possibly expected in March, creating a pre and post coronavirus reality.Analysts are already beginning to make their projections, yes, of how things will be in 2021, a classic when the end of the year approaches, and the elements that will mark the agenda. In advertising, an analysis in The Drum points out the 5 questions that will determine what brands and companies will do.Custom advertisingOr what is the same: advertising will be adjusted to who will see it. It is not exactly new. After all, it is the essence of personalized advertising that has dominated the internet for the past few years. Now it will become more transversal and dominate more clearly.

For example, to try to generate San Marino Email List response from consumers, emails will no longer be sent or phone calls will be made. Each time we will try to further enhance the response by making use of personalized videos.Video advertising The video advertising boom will not end at the turn of the year, but rather will be boosted. It will be one of the big trends of 2021, but adjusting to the context. Consumers don’t want to see lengthy brand videos or endless product presentations. Brands will have to be increasingly direct, clear and concise with their video messages.Short videos will have their golden age in the coming year, further boosted by the pull of TikTok and Instagram Reels.Mobile advertising The investment will grow in mobile advertising. It was already the trend that set the agenda, but the hangover from the coronavirus crisis will further drive this growth and this trend.

Consumers are spending much more time on their mobiles and consuming more content on these devices. The brands will have to be there.The big winners in the coming months will be stories, which are already doing it organically and will do so under payment, and in-game advertising, which has already significantly increased its presence. The next great workhorse could be, yes, in the messaging apps.Display advertising.

A classic, but one that is not going to go away. Display advertising on the internet adapts to the times and they will become more interactive and multimedia to connect with consumers. Thus, the so-called liquid skins are becoming a trend, as is also incorporating videos into banners.AI and programmatic advertising Programmatic advertising, despite criticism and brand fears, will not go away. What it will do is integrate artificial intelligence to be more effective in connecting with consumers. Ads will go to much more specific and concrete audiences, as well as channel management will be improved. It will be done using AI to manage those decisions.

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