Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Small and medium-sized companies have found in the social network a way to open new sales channels, to take advantage of the advantages of geolocation and connect with an unlimited universe of new customers, allies and suppliers, with whom to follow the path of growth. Yes, the social network is a great ally of SMEs, but what about social networks like Linkedin? Uninterrupted showcase of talents, experiences and knowledge that incorporated into our company build a springboard towards growth. Is it possible to definitively affirm that small and medium-sized companies have an ally in Linkedin for their growth?

New customers Finding new customers is one of Netherlands Email List primary objectives for small and medium-sized businesses. The decrease in consumption makes it essential to search for new clients who are undoubtedly on Linkedin. The recommendations are the central axis that sustains the efficiency of the social network for small and medium companies. Not surprisingly, obtaining a recommendation from a satisfied customer or a happy supplier only increases the influence of our company and therefore the growth figures. Influencers, essential for SMEs One of the strengths of Linkedin is concentrated in the possibilities it offers when it comes to interacting with influential brands for our business. Linkedin contemplates in its nature, the virality of business by balancing its entrepreneurial nature with status updates and participation in groups. Circle of reference sThe search for qualified and expert professionals to integrate them into our teams has its best “place” in Linkedin. Establishing a virtuous circle of mutual referrals with your suppliers and allies is one of Linkedin’s strengths for small and medium-sized businesses.

Online and offline integration The search for Linkedin groups through its search engine allows us, thanks to its segmentation, to connect with groups at the local level, which generates the construction of alliances that directly benefit local businesses. Remember that Linkedin announces events of a local nature that take place in the offline world. Can you imagine the efficiency of relationships built from the online world and materialized in the offline world? Information and Training for SMEs Without a doubt, one of the greatest strengths for brands in the social network as a whole and specifically Linkedin due to its nature linked to professionalization and talent, is found in the possibilities offered by Linkedin to obtain answers to questions that pose challenges for our clients. plans and actions. From the question section to or through group participation, we can contact the more than 2000 groups focused on issues related to small and medium-sized businesses available to us on Linkedin. Without a doubt there are endless reasons why Linkedin can be really beneficial and indispensable for our companies. We have begun to highlight some of them, although surely, no matter how particular our niche, sector or type of business may be, we will find innumerable advantages of being an active part of an authentic social network of and for professionals.

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