Carlos A. Chen Communication specialist of the 21st century who shares experiences to solve communication crisis, ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. I have experienced the power of social networks to benefit SMEs, I am a living example of how I have gotten clients by having a blog or a website. At least once a week someone writes to me to ask about something that they know I have the knowledge to help them with. Social networks allow us entrepreneurs and of course companies to be closer to our prospects, consumers and customers, just as big brands do, without the need for those exorbitant amounts of money in advertising investment.1. Low advertising costs This low cost in advertising that social networks allow us make the difference between the traditional mass media that require large monthly investment fees to have a presence in their radio broadcasts, televised or written newspapers.2. The free trap There are many free social media environments that allow the development of direct communication with our consumers and clients quickly;

With much more efficiency than Myanmar Email List traditional mass media (radio, television, magazines, newspapers, etc). However, there is a problem with free environments, it creates the perception in companies that developing a brand image on social networks can be in the hands of anyone. They believe that being a social media user is the same as being a social media professional. Leaving the administration of the social network in the hands of any person within the family, acquaintance or employee; transforming the social network into a weapon of self-sabotage to destroy its reputation instead of improving it.3. An environment close to the customer When we talk about a social network, we are talking about a means of communication that is in close contact with the customer and consumer, so close that they can perceive the deficiencies of the company, service or product that is offered. If we do not know how to transmit our values, resolve objections or problems of our clients, develop real goals and objectives by selecting market niches by selecting the appropriate social networks, we are not creating a bridge to our consumer, we are creating a mousetrap for our company.4. Nothing is easy in life This is where entrepreneurs, large and small companies must understand that a “Free” environment does not mean that it is easy. Research, study, and consultation with experts are in great need.

Although I must admit that there is a professional gap in advertising companies, media agencies and marketing consultants in many countries; where the lack of professional experts specialized in the subject is evident. Therefore, it will always be necessary to decide if the expert we choose is really the right professional for what we are looking for.5. Competitive advantage Social media can be used to reduce the competitive advantage of large companies over small ones. Remembering that the time is now, not tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late. Nobody will remember the second places, we always remember the first. Doubting is the nail that stops the gear of creativity, imagination and the development of a brand image. Doubt and shyness make us small and inhibit our desire to be great and grow our companies and businesses. When we think about using social networks we have to think big, if we think in pennies we will receive pennies but if we think in hundreds of thousands of dollars we will receive thousands of dollars.

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