Carmen Santo Personal Branding and Online Reputation Consulting. Social Media Manager of @ Ready4Social. Journalist…Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization .IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online The study carried out by Constant Contact among 1000 American SMEs, shows a growth in their business volume in 2012 for more than half of them. 79% of companies even expect to increase their profits compared to 2011. Entrepreneurs feel a slight relief, but remain alert, given that the situation is still far from buoyant. They invest a lot of resources in increasing their client base and are disoriented when it comes to maintaining existing ones and strengthening ties with them, especially through social networks.

The main concern of the small business Uk Email List getting new users. They continue to base their strategy on attracting customers, when the high cost of getting a new customer compared to the loyalty of existing ones is amply demonstrated. But, despite being aware of it, the reality is that 49% have problems getting engagement with their customers; and no less than 41% do not know how to get their customers to refer you. The budget of SMEs allocated to marketing actions has barely increased by 29% since the previous year. They consider that the most effective marketing actions are mainly e-mailing, in 83% of cases, followed by the SEO strategy, to help users find the company through the web. Social Media is finding its place in this business niche, half of them openly recognize its effectiveness. In fact, 53% of small businesses are aware of the need for a good social media presence, but admit its limitations when harnessing its potential; to such an extent that it is the channel where they demand the most support.

Among all social networks, Facebook is the one with the most followers, up to 75% of companies consider it to be the most effective platform to contact their customers, followed very far by Linkedin, valued in 10% of cases .In short, small companies have high growth potential, but they need support and advice to retain existing customers and increase their brand awareness; basic premises to increase your business volume. To do this, they must reorient their marketing strategy, in such a way that they allocate more resources to CRM actions and can count on the help of professionals in online reputation and presence in social networks. Are you up for it?

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