In order to bid farewell to the past 2022, Luo Zhenyu and Wu Xiaobo are busy with the finale show, Li Ziqi, who disappeared for 500 days, is busy making a comeback, Zhang Dayi, the queen of goods, has long since disappeared, and the popular Papi sauce has long since withdrawn from the home of Internet celebrities, replaced by Li Jiaqi, Luo Yonghao, and Brother Xiao Yang are active figures of the new generation of internet celebrities. Lin Hua thanked Chunhong too hastily. Generation after generation of Internet celebrities are like shooting stars, drawing a bright light in the sky. After you sing, I will appear on the stage. They are eager to hang in the sky for a longer time. It will pass away”, when the wind comes, the wind goes, and the fruit and debris need to be  up. The 30-year picture scroll of China’s Internet is also a history of the demise of Internet celebrities.

The elite set up the stage

In 1994, China connected to the Internet through a full-featured 64K international dedicated line, which became the starting point of China’s Internet, and the curtain officially opened. Every year since then, there have been Internet companies  in the future. In June 1996, the predecessor of  “Sitong  was opened. In August of the same year, Sohu was . One year later, NetEase was established. The three major  Denmark Phone Number portals Websites gathered together; in 1999, a series of future engines such as Tianya, Hupu, Shuimu Tsinghua BBS, etc. were generally born. Internet hot words and celebrity community websites have all appeared on the stage, and the troops are ready.


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The Internet celebrity enters the stage

The elites set up the stage, and the “Internet celebrities” appeared one after another. However, limited by the technical conditions of various portal websites, in the first few years, the Internet first gave birth to a group of “text Internet celebrities”. At that time, the concept of “Internet celebrities” did not even exist. hand”. In 1997, after China’s national men’s football  B2B Lead team lost to the top ten matches, Lao Rong (Wang Juntao), a veteran netizen fan, published an article on the Sitong Lifang Sports Salon entitled “Dalian Gold Zhou does not believe in tears” essay, which attracted tens of thousands of followers, received tens of thousands of hits within 48 hours, and was frantically reproduced by other websites.

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