Investment in digital advertising will grow by 24% and the consolidation of m-commerce will grow by around 48%. These are some of the main conclusions presented in the 2016 digital marketing trends infographic developed by the company QDQ media. Increase in advertising investment, 2006 will be marked by the growth of investment in digital marketing, the rate of increase will be around 23%. Advertising aimed at mobile devices is forecast to grow 9%. The main investment channels are still blogs and social networks, but 2016 brings changes such as the explosion of online video and audio.

Branded content maintains Nigerian Email Database leading role. Companies that want to be relevant in the market must add value to the content that makes the audience identify with them. In this regard, it is estimated that 71% of advertising companies carry out actions and strategies to retain the public. The irruption of smartphones has meant a very important change in digital marketing and this year investment in marketing actions for mobile devices will multiply by 7. The mobile phone goes from being a complement to being a main actor in the process of purchase thanks to factors such as geolocation in real time, which are essential to satisfy the demands of users at all times. The incorporation of functionalities of this type will make m-commerce continue its growth trend, and it is expected that in 2016 it will do so by 48%.

Online video, main protagonist of 2016, Online video becomes the main bet within digital marketing strategies. This year brings new formats that make videos more attractive to users: gifs, 360 ° experience or interactive videos, among others. Videos, with their new formats, also enter the universe of SEO strategies. 80% of Internet users will consume online videos, so it is a unique opportunity for them to help achieve a good search engine positioning and thus gain relevance on the Internet.

Change in the trend of social networks, The main social platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, lose weight in favor of other new booming social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn. In these networks, much more visual, video is a key piece to reach users. In addition, social networks will also become points of sale. Thanks to the integration of calls to action, users will be able to purchase products directly from these platforms. This, together with the increase in mobile payments, with offers, coupons or rewards, will help the consolidation and growth of m-commerce in installments close to 48%.


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