“Play for the World”, Nike’s campaign that appeals to those who continue to play sports in their living rooms, hallways or basements, has been the winner of the month of April in the United States, according to the AcuityAds report , with more than 25 million views. It is followed by Tractor Supply Co , a distribution chain for DIY, construction or gardening material, with 20 million views; while Colgate closes the top 3 with its “Our Smiles Keep Us Together” campaign. The TOP 10 has accumulated more than 135 million views of its main ads during April alone.This monthly report is made through the measurement platform True Reach? from AcuityAds, which analyzes the participation indicators of the main brands in the total reach, viewing time and interaction of their videos on media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In total, more than 250 vertical categories from across the industry, worldwide.This TOP 10 of spots reveals how the main brands have appealed to the anonymous “epic” of millions of people in their homes to stay positive in the face of a pandemic like COVID-19.

Well through sports, like Nike or Adidas do ; of collaborative work and videoconferences with Mauritius Email Lists family and friends, with examples such as Monday.com (top4) or Portal from Facebook (top9 with “Closer”); or ecommerce and delivery as proposed by McDonald’s (top7 with its “We’re Still Here” campaign), or Walmart (top8, with “Here for You”).The common denominator of most of the campaigns are the musical references to situations of improvement, with titles like “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, used in the Facebook campaign. It also highlights the presence of famous people and references in the world of sports, such as Paul Pogba, a Premier League player, or Patric Mahomes, of the American NFL, present in the Adidas spot.Walgreens closes the list , the second largest pharmacy chain in the USA, which has addressed citizens to remember the main prevention and medical action tips with “Helping yu stay healthy, safe & calm”, with more than 7.4 million views.

In the media ecosystem, advertising is one of the key elements. For advertisers, it is the way to reach their potential consumers and to transmit their brand messages, present their products and convince them to buy. For the media, especially on the internet, it is their main source of income. In fact, on the Internet, despite the fact that not a few media have already begun to implement payment formats with paywalls, advertising is what supports many headers.

The relationship between advertisers and the media is not always easy and investment (as has just happened now during the coronavirus crisis) is not always sustained on a sustained basis. The media have been complaining for years about how the systems they use to measure results and payouts really pay off very little.

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